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under every scar, theres a battle I've lost

Hello everyone

In two weeks I launch a website featuring various things including US and EU clothing stores. There aren’t many designs up at the moment but I was hoping that people here could give me some much needed feedback and advice about what’s there right now.
The new designs will be a wide range of things including some of my animated characters.

Could people tell me what they think of the designs that are there at the moment and what they think of the prices? All help would be greatly appreciated. I’d also like to know if people have heard of the company I’m using (spreadshirt) before? Since I don’t think it’s as well know as others I wondered if this would put people off.

From reading the rules I don’t think I’m treading on any toes by posting this but if I am please let me know. I’ve put the links here and beneath the cut are some pictures. The heart is the logo which is on some of the clothing, the shoe is one of the other designs I have up now and the girl is one of my characters who will make her debut in Epiosde two of my Richard Beeminster series( first FLASH cartoon can be seen here by entering the flash site)

All designs are my own at the moment but when I launch with a full range there will be designs from other independent artists whom I have paid to do them for me.

Hope this explains everything, questions very welcome!

**These pictures do not show the designs in vector format (as they are on the clothes) **

Shop for EU Customers ONLY

Shop for US Customers ONLY

x posted a bit as I'm trying to get a few responses
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